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Seth October 8th, 2015 at 2:00 PM

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too slow.

David Underwood was the heir apparent to Chris Perry and this was fine. He was a highly rated recruit out of Texas, and in 2004 it was his turn. Jerome Jackson was his backup, and this was fine; he was the bonus piece from LaMarr Woodley's recruitment and was apparently good at getting the edge. Behind them was Pierre Rembert and this was fine; Pierre had gotten a few snaps as a true freshman in '03 and looked pretty good. And if we needed to dip deeper there was a highly touted true freshman, Max Martin, who maybe ran a bit too upright but was also getting fall chatter about displacing folks.

Then there was the 2-star from somewhere in that wasteland Canadians talk about when they cross at Niagara, who became a 3-star because Michigan offered. Little guy, ran up a bazillion yards against the part of New York that's really the Midwest. You know the rest.

I Heart Hart - Maize

Either this or Worst State Ever was the very first MGoShirt. It comes from a time before a time when we realized we can't make such things without the guy's permission. It also comes from a time after a long time of chasing said guy around and trying to get him to be down with it. As various Big Ten detritus can attest this is not easy with said guy. He doesn't really stop, nor does he go down. If you pick him up and put him on his head the legs will just keep spinning until you put him back down, whereupon he will continue running. This happened to future NFL linebackers; now imagine you're a furry fat guy yelling "please Mister; this blog was started because of YOU!"

Well it turns out he does stop for something, and that's to replant hope in the wasteland he turned over back when we thought Underwood/ Jackson/ Rembert/ Martin would take most of the 2004-'07 carries.

Thus returns the original MGoShirt, except with the guy's actual name on it. Proceeds from it will go to the Mike Hart Family Foundation, and the Central New York Football Academy. And the first person who correctly guesses this week's Michigan score will get a free one. You can probably already guess Northwestern's number.

How this works again:

  1. Readers predict the final score of a designated game by placing a guess in the comments, preferably in the format of [M score][hyphen][Opp score], for example "41-0" or "35-0 Michigan", or "28-0 Go Blue", or "42-0 Harbaugh!" etc.
  2. The three guys who read this part holler at people who post in a different format
  3. First person (by timestamp) to post a particular score has it.
  4. If you got it right, I contact you for an address by your MGoBlog account email, and you give me some time to get that to you.
  5. If nobody got it right or I don't hear from the winner(s) we push it to next week or let it go.

About Last Time:

28-0 and thanks again to MGoNukeE for picking out the winner, who was slacker, who beat BlueReign to the score by one minute! Since there was no winner the previous week, I feel entitled to have two this time.

This Week's Game:

Homecoming versus the Wildcats. At 3:30 they gon' die.

And on the Line:


Fine Print:

One entry per user. First user to choose a set of scores wins, determined by the timestamp of your entry (for my ease I prefer if you don't post it as a reply to another person's score--if you do it won't help or hurt you). Deadline for entries is 24 hours before the start of the game. MGoEmployees and moderators exempt from winning. The algorithm finds the winners as it chooses. The algorithm is self-correcting. The algorithm consistently runs power. The algorithm is banned in Jersey. The algorithm is better than you are ready to admit. They gon' die.