The Ace Pod 1.1: I've Got So Much To Give Comment Count

Seth January 30th, 2019 at 4:49 PM

Ace has been bored so he's got some podcasting equipment and been talking to himself.

SEGMENT ONE: A BLOWOUT AND A BROUHAHA. Revisiting last night’s extremely enjoyable Ohio State game. Much praise for Zavier Simpson, obviously. Similar praise for the team’s saltiness and Jon Teske’s defense on Kaleb Wesson. Some concerns about Jordan Poole’s recent play but Michigan is basically going six deep right now.

SEGMENT TWO: SLOW-JAMMING THE FANCYSTATS. I’m so, so sorry for this. After, uh, that is a brief discussion of taunting and its greatness.

SEGMENT THREE: BREAKING UP THE BIG TEN. No, not like that—into tiers. Michigan and MSU are even more out in front than they were before. Only three other teams have positive efficiency margins in Big Ten play, and a lot of the conference is moving in the wrong direction.

SEGMENT FOUR: ON-TOPIC/OFF-TOPIC. In this case, an entirely off-topic discussion of ME/CFS, the PACE Trial, gross cronyism, and… a Dartmouth economist?


  • Intro: "Traveling In Your Mind"—Loyalty Freak Music
  • "Everybody’s Talkin’"—Bill Withers
  • "Funky So-and-So"—The Sugarman 3
  • "Playing Your Game, Baby"—Barry White


Baby, grab me a cigarette


Indy Pete - Go Blue

January 30th, 2019 at 5:22 PM ^

Ace, this is Audio Gold - already pumping it directly into my auditory cortex...

Leave it to Ace to statistically break down the hook shot from our "6 foot" point guard (who sees eye to eye with 5'10" Ace)

Slow jamming the fancy stats? Hilarious, audacious, unique, and shocking!


January 30th, 2019 at 9:45 PM ^

UM's Ace Pod ... this could be a career option.  The "wellness" in Ace's voice is just so great to hear.  +Insight from a true Michigan Man.  Priceless.  Go Blue !!!


January 31st, 2019 at 8:20 AM ^

Da fuck did I just listen to?

Not sure if I'm creeped out, or not, but I loved it (which should probably creep me out)!  'Fancy Stats Slow Jam' is now a thing and MUST be a regular feature of the podcast.

On a technical note - it's quite clear you guys are not audio engineering professionals.  Ace, your voice isn't one of those booming entities that carry, so please turn up the audio track a step or two, and come down a little on the music track.  I found myself turning up the radio volume to almost max (28 of 30 on the control) just to comfortably hear you.  When music was overlaying the talk track, you were all but unintelligible.  Actually, since I was driving, you were totally unintelligible at some points - one can only concentrate on listening so much while attempting to stay within the lines on the road!

I'm not an audio engineer, either, or I'd offer some detailed help rather than just toss things out there.  Anyway, take it as constructive criticism on a good product.