About MGoBlog

AT 12:30 AM on December 4th, 2004, MGoBlog was born thusly:




Hello World


A computer dork from the very first. A few weeks later, Michigan lost the a heartbreaking Rose Bowl, baptizing the blog in disappointment.Â

So what is this place? It's a somewhat comprehensive Michigan sports blog that promises to cover football, hockey, basketball, baseball, and all other Michigan sports in various levels of detail. These levels are:

  • football: exhaustive, extreme, and debilitating
  • hockey: considerable
  • basketball: considerable
  • baseball: minimal, edging towards moderate when they're good
  • all others: mentions whenever they threaten to win a national title

Your host is a 30-ish Michigan true believer whose grandfather ushered at Ferry Field and bought season tickets in the 1950s, when not even the player's parents bothered to show up except for Ohio State. Those tickets have stayed in the family since and, yes, they are frickin' sweet.

When it came time to pick a college, I applied to Michigan and MIT; MIT said no. Six years later, I had two computer engineering degrees from Michigan, one a masters. In between, I played Rumble Racing, lived in a filthy house with six other dudes, and did all the other things that make everyone think their particular college is the best college ever. I also helped found the Every Three Weekly, a Michigan analogue to (read: ripoff of) the Onion, with a few friends, editing the paper my final four years at Michigan.

After college I worked a couple of programming jobs until such time as the second company realized I spent most of my time blogging and decided they shouldn't be paying me for that. The rest, as they say, is history.