Moritz Wagner Appreciation Thread

Submitted by EastCoast on February 17th, 2017 at 4:55 PM

Our favorite German's intensity is awesome, and for whatever reason I feel like this picture encapsulates his potential. Opponent tries to stop Mo (with an obvious foul). Opponent soon regrets his decision.



February 17th, 2017 at 10:08 PM ^

Especially with this team.  Yes, his defense needs to improve but we need his energy and definitely the second best shooter after Robinson.

We want some Mo, we want some Mo!



April 29th, 2017 at 4:02 AM ^

Boys, YOU AIN'T READY FOR THE NBA! I don't know who is filling your heads with BULLSHIT, but your games are just starting to bloom. Mo Wagner and DJ Wilson, just found out what they can do in those Big Ten and Ncaa Tournament games. I have seen this a million times, and for the most part, I ALWAYS SAY THE SAME THING, stay in school and learn how to play, then how to DOMINATE your opponent! All those guys before you who thought they were the MAN, thought they were ready, are now either out of the league, riding the pine of an NBA BENCH, or living out a mediocre, part time NBA CAREER!

Let's look at the last batch of Wolverines, who thought they were NBA MATERIAL! TREY BURKE and Tim Hardaway Jr. thought they were the man, and have been traded MULTIPLE TIMES. Hardaway has shown flashes at times, is in the playoffs with Atlanta, but is starting to FIGURE IT OUT, and averages 14 points a game, and has scored 40!.Trey Burke is in his 3rd year, now with Washington, in the playoffs, and averaged 5 points for the season, in a backup role!

Mitch McGary, left early for the NBA, has been there 2 years, and is with the OKLAHOMA CITY, averaging 15 minutes and 1.3 points a game! But they are now out of the playoffs. Glen Robinson Jr., a great shooter, and scorer, has been in the league for 3 years, and won the dunk contest. and plays with the Indiana Pacers, who are also, currently done in with the playoffs! BIG DOG JR. AVERAGES 4 POINTS A GAME, and 14 minutes a game! Glen was just starting to figure it out and dominate in college, but he went to the NBA!

AND THEN THERE IS NICK STAUSKAS! One of the best pure shooters you will ever see, and was just starting to learn how to DOMINATE! He has also been in the league 3 years, has been traded twice, but plays with the Sacramento Kings. And Nick has not seen the playoffs, but plays 22 minutes a game, and averages 7,5 points a game!

WHAT DO ALL OF THESE FORMER GREAT WOLVERINES HAVE IN COMMON? They all left early, they all thought they were ready for the NBA, and except for one out of the five former Wolverines, is actually doing anything in the league! And they were all HIGH DRAFT CHOICES, that have not panned out, because they listened to some BUCKETHEAD, WHO TOLD THEM THEY WERE READY!

Thankfully for MO WAGNER, AND DJ WILSON, they have applied for the draft, and have not taken agents, which allows them to COME BACK TO MICHIGAN, if not drafted! Sometimes guys, you have to step away from the BIG MOUTHES, pumping your head full of nonsense, and do like MSU'S MILES BRIDGES, and go back to your school, and learn how to DOMINATE, INTIMIDATE AND ELIMINATE! Then you can go to the pros,and make all the money you want! BUT WHEN YOU DON'T HAVE THE SKILLS, to compete because you didn't learn it all, THAT'S ON YOU BOYS! Because coach John Beilien sure has a lot more to teach you about this wonderful game! I hope you come back, but if you don't, you won't be missed, the PROGRAM AND THE WORLD WILL GO ON, and we thank you for your time and all the thrills you gave us!